The Vision of Our Graduate

All students will graduate “College and Career Ready” which means they will: CCR

  • Develop a general understanding of how the problem-solving process has been applied to innovate, invent, design, and build products and systems in a variety of environments/industries. Student have had the opportunity to take on challenging AP coursework, STEM pathways and also been exposed to an award winning Theater Department.

  • Incorporate and understand their  unique strengths and interests align to a wide variety of future opportunities. Support services has adopted 21st century skills through professional development experiences and has developed and geared curriculum to enhance  and positively motivate and engage college and career readiness.

  • Prepare and maintain a personal plan for goal attainment that provides flexibility based on individual experiences. Students are able to develop and review their very own Individual Personal Learning Plan, which in turn will prepare them for post secondary opportunities.

  • Effectively be able to navigate both the world of postsecondary education and employment to support a transition to adulthood.

Possess confidence in their level of mastery of the following in relation to their personal and career goals:



- Core subject areas: Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics, Global, Civic, Environmental, Financial Literacy, Health, Media, Visual  
   and Performing Arts , World Languages

- Career

- Technological literacy

- Self-concept
- Self- management
- Effective organizational and social behavior
- Growth mindset (creativity, innovation, perseverance)
- Life-long learning
- Digital Citizenship (the responsible use of technology to learn, create and participate)

- Academic - Critical thinking, problem solving - Proper access, analysis and application of information - Proficient use of technology - Ability to collaborate and effectively communicate


The Vision of Our Graduate
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