Hoboken MS accolades in Academic Competitions

Hoboken Middle School receives accolades in Academic Competitions
Posted on 07/18/2022


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RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2022

Hoboken Middle School receives accolades in Academic Competitions

Hoboken Middle School students excel in national, state, and county competitions

Hoboken, NJ, — Friday, July 1, 2022, Hoboken Middle School students receive accolades and excel in competitions during the 2021-2022 school year.

Hudson County Law Day Contest 2022:

Students across all grade levels and content areas competed in numerous academic contests showcasing the writing skills, science knowledge, math skills, and even rapping skills. The Hudson County Law Day contest was no exception. This academic-based competition, sponsored by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Hudson County Bar Association & Foundation, promoted and encouraged student creativity in writing and artform. 


This year's theme was Toward A More Perfect Union, The Constitution in Times of Change which was expressed through a writing piece and art/photography contest. The Law Day Contest had two categories, Essay, Poetry & Rap Contest and Art & Photography Contest. Students at Hoboken Middle School participated in this wonderful opportunity which will be judged sometime in the spring. 


In early May, Hoboken Middle School received wonderful news! Four of our students were recognized for their incredible writing and creativity. These students will be receiving their plaques and prizes this evening. 



- India Magaletta (Grade 6): 6th Grade Essay Winner for Hudson County

- Truman Pimsner (Grade 6): 6th Grade Poetry Winner for Hudson County

- Jai Malik (Grade 7): 7th Grade Poetry Winner for Hudson County

- Jaxx (Jailin) Rosado (Grade 8): Overall Middle School Rap Winner for Hudson County


National Social Studies League & National Geography Challenge:

The National Social Studies League Contest consisted of 40 questions. These questions were based on topics in American Studies, Geography of the United States, and United States government appropriate to each grade level. Additionally, the National Geography Challenge was a contest requiring 35 minutes and containing 40 questions. The contest reflected  the main themes of Geography: location, place, relationships within places or human-environmental interaction, relationships between places or Movement, and regions. Please join us in recognizing:  Harrison Green, G6


2022 STEAM Tank Challenge - Middle School Division:

Style Green Boutique by Ace Backstrom and Sophie Katz won 1st place in the 2022 STEAM Tank Challenge - Middle School Division and received the following awards: 
The Sustainability Award Innovative use of Technology & Design AwardJ.E.D.I. Award, Entrepreneurship AwardSubject Matter Expert Award and the Creativity Exemplar Integration of the Arts Award and $2500

The awards were given to teams who provided concrete evidence their idea/invention is not harmful to the environment, creativity, expertise knowledge and high business skills which Style Green Boutique demonstrated!  Style Green Boutique is a free, customized sustainable website with stylists. Fast fashion does not use environmentally-friendly fabrics and this is where Style Green Boutique comes in. It all starts with a free style survey and they give personalized style recommendations and products that are good for the environment or help you style whatever you have in your closet already.  Not only do they work at a personal level they can also provide existing companies with a certification from Style Green Boutique that certities them for sustainable fashion!


Annual Physics Olympiad Competition:

On Thursday, March 31st, students across Hoboken Middle School in grades 6th-8th competed in the second annual Physics Olympiad hosted by Physical Science Research Associates (Physcira). This virtual competition gave students a chance to showcase their physics and science skills through multiple choice questions and open-ended questions that allowed students to truly be challenged and think outside the “physics” box. Questions focused on Mechanics, Optics, and Electricity and also included skills such as mathematical practice.   


All Hoboken Middle School students were encouraged to participate and do their best throughout the Physics Olympiad. Approximately 300 students at HMS participated in the first session of the competition and 270 students at HMS participated in the second session. The U.S. Physics Olympiad for Middle School students was a one-day, virtual event that students were able to participate in during two sessions, an AM session and a PM session. The first part of the competition gave HMS participants 90 minutes to answer 25 multiple-choice questions. The second part of the competition consisted of 6 open-ended, pre-algebra-based physics questions to be completed within 90 minutes. 


The competition was impressive, with more than 1,000 participants from across the nation and 700 schools.  The Evaluation Subcommittee worked diligently to weigh every student’s work with accuracy, attention to detail, and fairness. The Olympiad Committee has conferred 4 First-Place awards, 15 Second-Place awards, and 37 Third-Place awards. Hoboken Middle School received 3 of the 15 Second Place awards Nationally and 10 of the 37 Third Place Awards Nationally. 


Grade 8: 

Adrian Jiansky- Second Place Award

Leo Decock- Second Place Award

Axel Hultstrom- Second Place Award

Elizabeth Bright- Third Place Award

Raine Sayaan- Third Place Award

Alexander Koulouthros- Third Place Award

Lucas Daly- Third Place Award

Sarah Burns- Third Place Award

Roldan Diaz Olivero- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Icez Cruz- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Darien Ladson- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Maxim Schissler- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Jenna Sirio- Top 10th % High Achievement Award


Grade 7:

Ethan Sikernitsky- Third Place Award

Rafael Callamari- Third Place Award

Zachary Shaw Bellofatto- Third Place Award

Kevin Melendez- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Jaren Pena- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Evangeline Rawhouser- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Jayda Acevedo- Top 10th % High Achievement Award


Grade 6:

Jonathan Offer- Third Place Award

Sam Decker- Third Place Award

Elizabeth Watkins- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Amelie Cademartori- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Caroline Thiede- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Malaysia High- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Pria Wolsky- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Truman Pimsner- Top 10th % High Achievement Award

Cameron Daly- Top 10th % High Achievement Award




STEAM Tank Challenge

The STEAM Tank Challenge encourages students to apply science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) in response to issues facing the world today. The challenge is open to K-12 public school students in New Jersey. It lets students contribute to making the country sustainable, healthy, equitable, and safe. The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) created the program, which is sponsored by the U.S. Army. 

Students apply as teams to invent something new, modify an existing product, or identify a situation or real-world problem that needs attention. Teams are provided criteria, and a panel of experts judges their designs and/or solutions. This year’s virtual competition challenges students to use the digital environment in their creativity. 

The program encourages students and teachers to work collaboratively. It also supports the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Board of education members can earn Board Member Academy credits by attending a STEAM Tank event.

Physics Olympiads 

The tradition of holding national and international Physics Olympiads for middle- and high-school students started in 1967 among Eastern European nations. Other European and Asian countries eventually joined these competitions.  The United States launched its own national physics competition for high-school students in 1986.  Since then, the American Association of Physics Teachers and the American Institute of Physics have been sponsoring and organizing a U.S. high-school team to compete in the exciting and highly competitive International Physics Olympiad. 


Until recently, there had never been a nationwide physics competition for U.S. middle-school students.  The First Inaugural Middle School Physics Olympiad, organized by Physical Science Research Associates (Physcira), was held on April 29, 2021, and attracted 1,012 participants from nearly every state.  The historic event comprised two sessions that challenged students to answer questions and solve problems based on current, U.S. physical-science curricula.

2022 STEAM Tank Challenge- Middle School Division Winner

Hudson County Law Day Contest

Annual Physics Olympiad Competition

National Social Studies Award

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