College and Career Readiness

​The Hoboken Public School District is committed to providing a solid framework for all students to be successful in their chosen path after graduation. The vision of a Hoboken High School graduate identifies the knowledge, skills, readiness and dispositions our students should have in order to be ready to effectively navigate college, career and future opportunities. This solid foundation has positively influenced our students to undertake and take on the challenges that will globally influence their futures.

Why is it important to focus on College & Career Readiness?

The more students can connect what they are learning now to their future, the more prepared they will be for success. Through their planning and learning experiences in middle and high school, students will also learn that it is important to be ready for change, as it is likely they will have multiple careers in their lifetime.

Nearly all of our students aspire to continue their education after high school. There are, however, many different ways to pursue a post-secondary education and each have a value in the current and projected economy. Finding the right fit for each student is critical to ensure that they make a wise investment and are adequately prepared to be successful.

Students also need to understand and value their future role in the economy and know how to develop a plan to secure credentials that differentiate them from others who will be competing for the same opportunities someday. They need to know what it takes to secure and sustain employment at the time that is right for them.
Programs, Supports and Services

In addition to those already available on our website, please refer to our district plan of action for additional details.
Academic & Career Planning CCR

For students in grades K-6, we are focused on the improvement of academic self-concept leading to lifelong learners and self management that provide the foundation for Academic and Career Planning at the secondary level. Many opportunities exist to enrich the curriculum at all grades. Students in grades K-5 are provided are introduced to academic and career planning. The middle school grade 6-8 are provided with field experiences, classroom presentations, co-curriculuar and advisory opportunities that integrate self-knowledge into life and career paths. The high school grades 9-12 receive knowledge of how to obtain information about the world of work and post-secondary training through Personal Growth Periods. Students are also exposed to Naviance, which is are comprehensive college and career readiness platform that aligns student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.
Who is Involved in ensuring our students are College & Career Ready?

The Hoboken School District staff, parents, community members, business and educational partners all play a part in ensuring our students are college and career ready. Hoboken is surrounded by many accomplished business and corporations such as Wiley Publishing and Pearson. Our commitment is to leverage internal and external resources and partnerships to support our students in planning and preparing for their future.
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