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RELEASE DATE: Monday, April 11, 2022

Hoboken Board of Education Comments on Community Feedback Survey and Plans Moving Forward

Hoboken, NJ, Monday, April 11, 2022, The Hoboken Board of Education recently invited the public to complete a Community Feedback Survey with respect to the recent referendum for the financing of a new Hoboken High School. The survey was open for approximately one month between February and March 2022. Almost 1,200 people filled out the survey, and the Board thanks them for their time and input. The Board is continuing to review the results in greater detail.

From the initial review, the Board has gleaned a few themes that were prevalent across the survey responses. Those themes include commentary on the proposed cost of the project, questions about the necessity of the project, and feedback/concerns around the public amenities that were included in the project.  Please see below for a sampling of feedback:

80% of respondents own versus rent

66% of respondents are parents / guardians to a child/children under the age of 18

Roughly 65% of total respondents, or 776 people, answered the question “If you didn’t support the referendum, why?”: 

81% of respondents said “I didn’t like the cost of the project”

70% of respondents said “I thought there were too many amenities”

41% of respondents said “I wanted more options”

34% of respondents said “I didn’t think the project was necessary”

34% of respondents said “I wanted to provide input before making a decision”

8% of respondents said “I liked the project but needed more time to think about it”

NOTE that this question allowed respondents to choose more than one answer

64% of all respondents said there are specific aspects of the existing long range facilities plan, including the proposed new high school, on which they would like more information

The survey yielded feedback from residents in all 6 wards

The Board recognizes the public’s concern with overall cost and the desire of the city’s taxpayers to reduce their overall tax exposure. A project of this type, especially when coupled with a lack of infrastructure investment in our schools for over 50 years, is, by its nature, an expensive undertaking. The Board’s genuine intent was to deliver to the Hoboken community 21st-century facilities to meet the needs of our 21st-century learners. That being said, the Board and administration will explore various options to reduce and defray the overall cost of a much needed new school.  

The Board has gained important insights throughout this process. While many have inquired about a future referendum date/new plan, a crucial takeaway from the January referendum is that better communication and engagement with the community is essential before the next proposal can take shape. The Board has already begun reaching out to community members and will begin to host roundtable discussions to engage residents and spark conversation about what Hoboken taxpayers would like to see in a new building, ideas surrounding cost reduction, and facts about the district as a whole. 

What will inspire these conversations, engagement and ultimately another project is the Hoboken student body. The Board is proud of their achievements and the tireless work of the district’s teachers, administrators and staff. The demographic and enrollment data presented to the community in conjunction with the referendum is factual. Enrollment is growing, and the need for increased middle school space, a new high school to house innovative programs and future readiness, and additional elementary school space, is very real. The Board hopes that the majority of the City’s residents will be able to engage and participate in these conversations.  The Board also recognizes that Hoboken is a city filled with citizens that have multiple demands on their time. If you have a question regarding the Hoboken Public School District, please reach out to the Board directly at [email protected]. The Hoboken Board of Education looks forward to hearing from you, working with you and putting a plan together that the community will support.

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